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Annual Meetings and Winter Party

On February 21, 2020, the annual meetings of SMCI, SMCI Board, Labor Relations Council and Industry Fund was held at the SMCI offices. These meetings are required per bylaws and all members are invited. It is a good time for all members to reconnect with other members and a good networking opportunity not to mention a good time for input on the association and it’s benefits.

After the meetings, the winter party was held at Smash Park in West Des Moines. The casual environment allowed a lot of socializing and playing games not to mention eating and drinking.

There was a bags tournament with the $400 winners being Dan Lancelotti and Brian McNeeley from Corn States Metal Fabricators. Congratulations Dan and Brian!

This was the first time holding the party at Smash Park and everyone really liked the game aspect so we will be booking again for next year. Plus some pickle board courts! Stay tuned for that.

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